Physical Therapy Gets You Back in The Game Faster After a Sports Injury

Nearly all athletes experience at least one sports injury at some point. No matter the severity, you don’t want an injury to slow you down, or disrupt your active routine. This is where physical therapy can help you heal from a sports injury faster, and ensure that you don’t continue to cause more trauma to the same area. 

The expert team at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute wants you to understand how physical therapy can help you return to the field faster and better than ever. 

Physical therapy 

Physical therapy (sometimes known as rehabilitation therapy) is the practice of strengthening muscles and connective tissue to promote healing, relieve pain, and restore full range of motion. Physical therapy treatments can also serve to promote circulation, stimulate tissue regrowth, and relax muscles. They can be standalone treatments, or a way to support the work of surgical and nonsurgical procedures.  

Common sports injuries

Sports injuries can come in many forms, some of the most common that can be treated with physical therapy include:

If surgery is required to treat your injury, a strict routine of physical therapy after the surgery can speed up recovery and help you return to top performance. 

Examples of physical therapy

Physical rehabilitation treatments vary depending on the kind of injury you experience. Here are some of the treatments offered at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute:

For best results, we recommend you receive physical therapy two to three times a week. Meeting with a physical therapy specialist regularly is important to aid your recovery, as well as conducting exercises you can do on your own. 

Physical therapy may be just one of the treatments your doctor recommends to help you get back to top shape. You may be prescribed medication as well, and you’ll need to take it as instructed in order for your recovery program to be most effective. 

Tips for a speedy recovery 

Understanding and following your doctor’s instructions is important for a speedy recovery. You must know what to look for in case of further stress on your injury, or persistent pain: 

Don’t let an injury stop you from excelling. Schedule an appointment with Buckhead Injury  Wellness Institute by calling our office or booking online.

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