Treatment Options After a Car Wreck

A car accident can happen at any time. If you’re involved in a car accident, you’ll need to seek medical attention immediately to resolve any auto injury. The Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute team is experienced with helping numerous victims of automobile collisions recover from physical injuries. Don’t hesitate to learn what to do in case you find yourself in an accident. 

Automobile injuries

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans spend more than 1 million days in the hospital each year as a result of a car accident. Specialists at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute are determined to provide treatment that’s effective and calls for a quicker recovery. 

There are a number of injuries you can experience after a car wreck, and some may be difficult to identify on your own. Some of the most common injuries include:

Injuries aren’t always apparent

Injuries after a car wreck don’t always appear immediately. If you find yourself in a car collision, but you don’t feel hurt, your only way to be certain is to seek a medical examination right away. Many injuries that are easily treatable can become more severe if they aren’t diagnosed and treated in time. 


Buckhead offers a range of treatments for patients who are hurt in automobile accidents. The precise treatment depends on the kind of injury you experience and the severity at which you feel it. Recovery times vary significantly depending on how well you follow your provider’s instructions as well as your age and general health. 

Pain management

Buckhead often treats muscle pain with pain management medication. If you experience minor soreness, backaches, and stiff joints after an accident, it may only take weeks to heal. We can help ease the pain so you can rest and wait it out comfortably. 

Regenerative medicine 

If your injury is a little more severe and there are any bone fractures, muscle tears, or other internal injury, the team can provide a number of regenerative medicine options. The goal of regenerative medicine is to help your body heal itself. 

Physical therapy

Another treatment option is carefully planned physical therapy. After an accident, you may experience loss of motion, stiffness, and extreme pain. Physical therapy can help you heal through regular treatment until you reach full recovery. 

Personal support

Buckhead doesn’t treat psychological trauma or neurological trauma that can also occur after an accident. However, the team can provide information and resources that can guide you to receive all the assistance you require to have a full recovery.  

You may need assistance dealing with legal claims related to your automobile accident. Buckhead understands the ins and outs of personal injury claims, and we’ll provide the necessary documentation to help you navigate your case. 

If you or someone you know is involved in a car wreck, get help right away. Schedule an appointment with Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute. Just call the office, or book online.

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