Understanding Exosomes

Exosomes are part of the latest research phenomenon within regenerative medicine. It’s very likely you’ve never heard of them before. While scientists have known about exosomes for decades, only recently have exosomes been applied in medical practice. Discovering the benefits exosomes can bring to patients motivates the team of experts at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, to continue providing innovative treatments. 

About exosomes

Exosomes are the messengers that carry information from one cell to another. These messengers are made of cellular material, and are extracted like tiny bubbles from your cells. Researchers who discovered them initially believed they only disposed of cellular waste, until Swedish scientist Jan Lotvall uncovered their significance. He discovered that exosomes carry messenger RNAs between cells to facilitate the production of essential proteins that run your body. 

After numerous more studies, we now understand exosomes are key to fighting various genetic diseases and chronic conditions. Exosomes are active agents in promoting diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, Alzhiemer’s, etc... They can also be used to stop those diseases. 

Exosomes in regenerative medicine 

Most medicine doctors prescribe to treat disease target the symptoms of the disease. Take for example, insulin injections. Insulin injections reduce blood sugar levels if you have Type 1 diabetes, because patients with diabetes don’t produce enough insulin on their own. These injections must be taken for life. The regenerative medicine approach is to supply your body with insulin-producing beta cells so your body can produce insulin naturally, and prevent your immune system from attacking these cells. No more injections. No more insulin monitoring. 

With exosomes, regenerative medicine practitioners no longer have to transfer cells. Instead, they can isolate exosomes, and use them to reverse the behavior of disease-producing cells. Current research is focused on learning how to hijack exosomes so disease-fighting drugs can be delivered from one cell to another in hard to reach areas, such as your brain. 

A leader in exosome therapy 

Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute is a leader in regenerative medicine, and therefore it’s no surprise they incorporate exosome therapy in highly effective treatments. The team relies on Organicell products that contain exosomes to help patients through a variety of health conditions as an alternative to surgery or long-term treatment. 

Conditions that benefit from exosome therapy include:

Safety comes first when it comes to exosome therapy

While there’s much more to learn about exosome therapy in regenerative medicine, the treatments provided by experienced physicians meet the highest standards of safety. Exosome therapy, through Organicell products, is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can rest easy knowing that if you’re a good candidate for exosome therapy, you’ll be in good care. 

If you want experienced and skilled specialists that provide regenerative medicine, look no further. Schedule a consultation with one of our providers at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute by calling our office, or book online.

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