Why Does My Knee Hurt So Badly?

Your knees are not only the largest joints in your body, they’re arguably the hardest-working, which makes them vulnerable to injury and wear-and-tear. If you’re among the millions of Americans who are hobbled by knee pain, we understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we offer a number of effective and long-term solutions.

At Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute, our team has vast experience helping patients overcome painful musculoskeletal conditions of all kinds, and knee pain is often near the head of the list.

If one or both of your knees are in pain, here’s a look at some of the more common culprits and the steps we can take to restore pain-free movement.


Far and away, the leading cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis (OA), which is the most common form of arthritis. Of the 32.5 million Americans who have OA, knee OA accounts for more than 80% of cases and affects nearly one in five people aged 45 or older. In fact, knee OA has doubled since the mid-20th century thanks to increasing obesity and longevity rates.

Knee OA is a degenerative condition that occurs when the cartilage in your knee breaks down, leaving your bones to rub together, causing pain and inflammation.

Treating knee OA often takes a multipronged approach, First, we address your current pain through medications and injections. Next, we tackle some of the lifestyle habits that may worsen the condition, such as being inactive and carrying extra weight. Finally, we address the problem using regenerative medicine, mainly Organicell products, which contain exosomes that activate your body’s self-healing properties to regrow or heal your cartilage.

Torn meniscus

Inside each of your knees are two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage called menisci that act as shock absorbers. You can tear these tissues in an accident, such as a sports injury where there’s twisting or squatting. The problem with a meniscus is that one-third of this tissue enjoys the support of blood vessels while the interior two-thirds are devoid of blood vessels. What this means is that this tissue doesn’t heal itself readily, which is where our regenerative medicine comes in. By injecting exosomes into your meniscus, we can supply the resources it needs to rebuild healthier tissue.

Torn ligaments

Your knees are complex joints that bring together three bones (your kneecap, shinbone, and thighbone). Keeping these bones together, while also allowing a wide range of motion, is a complex system of ligaments, including your anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate ligaments.

Tearing these ligaments can lead to pain, stiffness, and loss of range of motion. To avoid surgery, we may recommend rest, physical therapy, and regenerative medicine to help your ligaments heal more quickly.

Sprain or strain

While we’ve covered tears in your connective tissues, often knee pain can crop up because of a strain or sprain. In these cases, we treat the problem with rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. If the sprain or strain is severe, we may include regenerative medicine to help speed recovery.

We’d like to stress the importance of coming to see us for your knee pain even if you suspect it’s only a sprain. All too often, an untreated sprain can lead to long-term problems with arthritis without the proper care early on.

While there are many other problems that can lead to knee pain, the above represent the most common. To determine what’s behind your knee pain, the best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment at our Atlanta, Georgia, office.

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