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There are many conditions that can lead to joint pain, with arthritis leading the charge. If you’re struggling with chronic and progressive pain in your joints, you need the right team in your corner. At Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute, the pain management specialists understand the discomfort and limitations that come with joint pain and they work to help patients in Atlanta find long-lasting relief. To get started, call or use the online scheduling tool.

Joint Pain Q&A

What is joint pain?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious, problems in your joints can bring on a number of symptoms, such as pain, which can be chronic and nagging or acute with only certain movements or activities.

Outside of the pain, you may experience:

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Heat around your joints

The bottom line is that, depending on where the pain strikes, joint problems can have a serious impact on your life, limiting your activities and placing you in a world of discomfort.

What are the most common forms of arthritis?

Far and away, the most common cause of joint pain is arthritis. There are many forms of arthritis — about 100 — which is a catchall term for diseases that cause joint pain and inflammation. The most common forms of arthritis include:


Your joints rely on cartilage, a slippery substance that allows the bones in your joint to glide together smoothly. With osteoarthritis, your cartilage breaks down and your bones rub together painfully.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This form of arthritis occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks the protective lining inside your joints, creating pain and inflammation.

Psoriatic arthritis

Also an autoimmune disorder, psoriatic arthritis typically affects those who have psoriasis and occurs when your immune system attacks the connective tissues within your joints.

There are other forms of arthritis, but these represent the most common.

What other conditions cause joint pain?

Outside of arthritis, your joints can be in pain because of injury or wear-and-tear conditions like bursitis and tendinitis.

As well, conditions like fibromyalgia, which is a central pain syndrome, can lead to joint pain.

If your joints are in pain, for whatever reason, it’s important that you seek a pain management specialist like those found at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute.

How is joint pain treated?

After diagnosing your joint pain, the team at Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute uses noninvasive treatments to bring you relief, including:

  • Medication management, which is often combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Physical therapy

Lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and exercising more, can often greatly improve joint pain. Your provider comes up with an appropriate treatment plan for your unique circumstances to help you regain pain-free movement.

To remedy your joint pain, call Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute or request an appointment using the online scheduling tool.